Dating Japanese Women

By Jade Seashell (contributor), writer of A Seductress’ Confession”
Japan, probably the most developed country in Asia, has many incredibly cute girls who actually appear to be and behave like those pretty Japanese girls that you see on TV and in movies. In this posting, both advantages and disadvantages regarding dating Japanese women will undoubtedly be discussed, so love does not have to be blind.
Japanese girls will be the cutest in depends upon. I don’t think you can get girls far away which are as cute as Japanese girls – they’re just super cute atlanta divorce attorneys detail – the clothes they wear, the makeup they use, the direction they walk, the direction they talk…. Japan is really a country which targets delicate beauty at length – this is simply not common in virtually any other country on the globe. Just go to a store which sells Japanese gifts or things made in Japan, you’ll appreciate the beauty in every detail of every item. Similarly, if you meet a pretty Japanese girl, you will also enjoy the subtlety and the sophistication of her beauty.
Japanese brides are the most caring and nurturing wives. I remember when I was in high school, a 27-year-old male teacher told me that his goal is to live in the countryside of England and marry a Japanese wife. So many years later, I’m not sure whether he has actually done that, but I’ve done some research about Japanese wives. Indeed, they are famous for their caring and nurturing characteristics – they cook for men, wash and fold their men’s clothes. Yes, they really take care of their men perfectly. In the event that you marry a Japanese woman, she’ll also care for children well, to help you trust her and relax, and you will be able to concentrate on your career aswell.
Japanese ladies have become accommodating. While Western women have plenty of opinions, Japanese women have become accommodating – they accommodate everything you like, e.g. in order to watch a particular film, she’ll be happy to start to see the film with you, although she actually is not thinking about it. Likewise, if you want a particular sex position, she’ll accommodate that aswell. No wonder Japan gets the world’s most well-known pornography.
Japanese ladies choose you not as you are from the wealthy Western country. You understand Asia is not a wealthy place, but Japan is an extremely wealthy country. Therefore, in case a Japanese girl really wants to date a western man, it isn’t because she really wants to have an improved life financially. Instead, that it is because she is interested in (and thinking about) western culture. If you are into Asian women , dating Japanese girls is really a wise option because she actually is more prone to be genuinely thinking about who you truly are instead of your wallet.
Japanese women have become open-minded. Although it is said that a lot of Japanese girls prefer Japanese men, I have seen many Japanese women marry men from other races, e.g. Americans, Australians, Indians, etc. Also, Japan is a country characterised by a variety of lifestyles. By that I mean many people in Japan are okay with different ways of life: some Japanese work incredibly hard; some Japanese people spend lots of free time in cafes and restaurants. In general, Japanese men work much harder than women, as women are supposed to be housewives traditionally. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend much leisure time with your Japanese girlfriend, doing relaxing activities together.
Japan has many incredibly cute girls who actually look like and behave like those pretty Japanese girls that you see on TV and in movies.
Japanese women probably have low libidos. I’m not going to make this appear to be a generalisation, but I’ve interviewed many Western men who’ve dated Japanese ladies, and them all explained that their Japanese girlfriends weren’t really thinking about sex. A number of them even told me a large numbers of Japanese women associate sex with pain, probably since they have seen an excessive amount of torture Japanese adult movies. If you have a high sex drive, maybe you shouldn’t date Japanese women. But if your libido is also low, make sure you marry a Japanese wife (and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you are happy with it)! It is said that in Japan, at least 60% of marriages are sexless. Also, according to a report from Asia, Japanese couples have the least amount of sex in the whole world. For some Japanese women, after giving birth to kids, she doesn’t need to have sex anymore, so the whole point of having sex is to reproduce her offspring. In contrast, western women probably think children are only the by-product (just one result) of a marriage.
If you live in Japan, you will meet Japanese girls in Western pubs, but those girls are slightly crazy. Japanese ladies who go to western nightclubs are looking for western men to hook up with, because they are curious about western men. Some of them heard that Western men are better in bed, so they want to try that. However, though you may meet a large number of Japanese girls who are into you in those bars, the quality of those women is questionable, because high quality Japanese women don’t really go to pubs frequently – they have better things to do. Therefore, if you are looking for a healthy long-term relationship or marriage with a Japanese beauty, going to a western pub in Japan isn’t a wise move.
Some Japanese women are passive aggressive. Because conflicts are always avoided in Japan, women in Japan tend to be nice to you, even though they secretly think you are an idiot. So if you approach a Japanese girl who smiles at you, please don’t judge a book by its cover. You don’t really know whether she is interested or not at all. Besides, if you are already dating a Japanese girl , it’s very common for her to manipulate you by being passive aggressive – well, based on western standards, that’s manipulation, but it’s just commonplace in Japan, because they want to avoid conflicts yet they just don’t make you feel comfortable.

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