Dating And Sex Tips From Playboys April Rose Page 2

There is no band of executives sitting around saying, ‘What can we do to acquire April Rose back on TV?’ You will have to enter there and pitch yourself to them with guidelines and prove yourself to these companies, to these people. Over and over.
It’s not just effort which has gotten April Rose this far though. Perseverance is paramount (yes, even someone as stunning as April Rose knows the pangs of rejection).
One last little bit of advice?
Chemistry is the most significant part of a relationship. Women aren’t as worried about how attractive a man is when compared to emotional chemistry. That is why you see a great deal of really attractive women with interesting looking guys.”
It is the chemistry and the confidence that people are drawn to. An emotional attraction could make a guy more appealing than he could be. It’s less physical – we’re not superficial as if you guys! We don’t need that exterior, we are in need of the emotional connection. Stability. Confidence. To feel just like we’re being looked after may be the most attractive thing in regards to a guy. That, and how tall he could be!
“Just kidding!”

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