Dating Advice From #UnhingedDatingTips Hashtag

A hashtag called #UnhingedDatingTips has emerged on Twitter and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from it. Put on your sarcasm goggles because you’re going to be reading through a lot of it. And if any of these dating “tips” seem like a good idea to you, well you might be a little unhinged yourself.
Treat her to life in a snow globe. She puts her head in your lap. Rub your head, making a dandruff blizzard. Frosty fun! #UnhingedDatingTips
When they show you a picture on their phone, grab it and then scroll through.
Correct their grammar at every opportunity. You’ll look clever, & they’ll really appreciate benefiting from your wisdom #UnhingedDatingTips
If he doesn’t answer your first text within 10 minutes, just keep sending texts until he does. #UnhingedDatingTips
#UnhingedDatingTips – introduce him to all 7 personalities and ask which one he’d prefer to kiss first. ?
Set up pics of yourself from twenty years ago #UnhingedDatingTips
If she tries to consume your fries, stab her together with your fork to say your dominance #UnhingedDatingTips
If someone asks, just inform them you’re in an extended distance relationship because the man you’re dating lives in the foreseeable future. #UnhingedDatingTips
While on a dinner date just stare while he eats out. It shows him how interested you’re really. #UnhingedDatingTips /0cggjWa7v0
Play with her hair. Make certain she is sleeping and that means you need not explain the method that you experienced the home however. #UnhingedDatingTips
#UnhingedDatingTips Show her your range of photos you took of her while she was asleep
Call them “group dates” when many of your personalities will be attending. #UnhingedDatingTips @UnhingedTags
Look straight into their eyes once you stuff those breadsticks into your bag. As long as they enable you to they’re a keeper. #UnhingedDatingTips
Drop napkin to untie his shoe under the table.
When kneels to tie it, yell, “I MUST SAY I DO!” before a crowd of witnesses.
After cooking dinner for a date inform them always, “Now portion of me will undoubtedly be inside you….” #UnhingedDatingTips
Share a toothbrush on the original date. You’re taught because of it value good dental hygiene.
#UnhingedDatingTips : Hum Cosby Show theme as you pour their drink.
For the night time time As soon as you drop her off, ask if she’d prepare yourself to go to your website and complete an paid survey #unhingeddatingtips
Let her go Never…even to the bathroom . #UnhingedDatingTips
– Tim Kelly GMC (@TimKcomic) February 24, 2016

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