Date Foods (d3fdaaf)

Do not get us wrong, tacos certainly are a fantastic food. Hell, tacos could be the greatest invention since crotchless undies, but tacos make multitasking throughout a meal impossible. Your focus will undoubtedly be on keeping the taco rather than on charming her or keeping the discussion going together. You’d want to hear more about her job nevertheless, you need total focus on filling this next shell. You figure an extra scoop of guacamole might set this meal over the edge.
What she will think of you: You won’t pay any attention to her when something else is in front of you. It won’t just be something as simple and delicious as a taco: When the game is on TV or you are one level away from beating a video game (no cheat codes!) she knows she will be as invisible as those refried beans on your plate you haven’t touched. (Smart move – those things will make you gassy.)

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