Date Foods (54343e4)

Salad as an initial or second course is acceptable, but salad because the main course says more about you as a guy than the proven fact that your belt doesn’t match your shoes. It says you’re either concerned about your weight (and the final thing she needs is someone else in her life with a weight issue) or it might mean that you truly certainly are a complete hog but you’re attempting to look civilized. Salad prevents you from pigging from a big dinner, chomping on a T-bone or licking a plate through the main course. It is also ridiculously boring. The main fun of eating dinner out is sampling each other’s meal. You can’t really say: Wow, try out this lettuce. It’s amazing.”
What she will think about you: A man obtaining a salad means he could be either incredibly vain, incredibly cheap or dirt poor. None of these are attractive qualities in somebody She wants a guy who eats a lot more than her – or at the very least a lot more than the animals in her backyard.

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