Date Foods (016884e)

We understand your way of thinking in ordering: ”EASILY order the lobster, it’ll look like money is not any object. I’ll come off looking such as a complete high roller.” Good call. Bibs are crucial to the high-roller wardrobe. Lobster is really a bad idea: You run the chance of looking such as a pansy if you cannot crack that sucker open. It is also one of many messiest foods on the menu and leaves you reeking of fish meat and hot butter.
What she will think about you: How will you be considered a good provider if you cannot bust open a lobster shell? Also, if you cannot always spend the money for lobster, don’t bother setting it up just this once. If she thinks money is not any object for you, then she won’t realize why you flipped out because she ordered another glass of wine, a fresh kitchen or a house on the contrary coast perhaps. It’s your individual fault, Uncle Moneybags.

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