Couple Attraction

Couple No. 2: Erin & Ozzy
Erin: I was instantly drawn to my hubby before I even met him. Our first interaction occurred on the phone, when I called to ask if he’d can be found in to the museum where I worked for an interview.
From those initial moments, I knew instantly that I must say i liked he. He was friendly, eloquent and exuded an authentic personality that came through before I even laid eyes on him.
When I did so finally meet him a few days later, I couldn’t think that this guy on the telephone was so handsome. Ozzy is first-generation Cuban, and I was drawn to his foreign” tall immediately, handsome and dark look. I focus on precisely how men are dressed usually, and Ozzy came because day having an immaculate suit and great shoes – something I notice!
During our first meeting, he stopped smiling never, and even though he was normally the one being interviewed, he captivated the certain area and made everyone feel relaxed and made the atmosphere relaxed.
This is just what I continue to love most about him right now – his capacity to express himself and captivate an audience together with his authentic personality, effusive smile and laugh, and genuine desire for the person he could possibly be speaking to.
It generally does not hurt he speaks five languages! Ozzy is polite quite, which is a stylish feature that caught my attention also. During the interview, two women left the available room, and Ozzy stood around show respect. Just what a gentleman !
Ozzy: My partner, Erin, is really a gorgeous blonde. Her beauty is imposing, and she sticks out when she walks right into a available room or simply on the street. But what I recall being in awe of were her long first, elegant legs.
Erin has been a dynamic person always. Her passion for sports has given her legs Venus would envy also. We still together enjoy hanging out outdoors, for the obvious health advantages along with other more selfish reasons.
Before I got eventually to know Erin, however, I noticed not merely her legs but additionally how she used them. Erin is poised and graceful when she walks. I think she could copyright her stride. Although it might be a cliché, I really did hate to see her leave but loved to watch her walk away.
This confidence and optimism helped me want to get to know her. But the real chemistry happened on our first date. Over dinner, I learned that we shared a love for travel and exotic foods.
I remember she smiled warmly and laughed graciously at my attempts at humor. All the while, she kept her eyes fixed on me, almost just as much as I kept mine fixed on her. I was smitten before the check even arrived.

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