Conversation Tips For Emotional Women

Conversation STRATEGIES FOR Emotional Women
IF YOU HAVE Done Something Dumb And She’s Upset, LISTED BELOW ARE 10 WHAT TO Say Or Do Never
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It is a rare man who knows how to approach an emotional woman. I understand that feelings” scare plenty of dudes, and within their fear and perfectly admirable need to fix things,” they become inert, inept or insensitive. Instead of being the guy that makes the girl even more upset, check out these romantic gestures that make women swoon.
I’ll never forget the very first time my most serious boyfriend saw me cry He didn’t say anything at all, he just started to tear up with me. I remember thinking the man was a fcking genius! And I love him! And he should write a guide book for the rest of mankind! Not that I expect every man to cry with me, not at all, I just want them to let me feel without trying to make it stop, to comfort me without making me uncomfortable. But that’s rare. In the midst of an emotional jag, I usually end up reassuring the man that my emotions will soon come to an end and life as he knows it will resume.
This is why I prefer going to my female friends when I’m upset – they know better than to tell me to buck up” or something lame like that. Just shut up and pass the tissues. After the jump, some things guys say when we’re emotional that really don’t work and some much better alternatives.

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