Two women recently made headlines by capturing people considering their butts while walking in LA. They used a concealed camera strapped to the backs of these jeans. A lot of people caught peeking were of the male gender. Surprise, surprise. Should they need a title due to this intricate experiment and earth-shattering discovery, Let me make a suggestion. This is a very Malcolm Gladwell-type idea.
Men look at women
Needless to say men look at women’s butts. We have a look at women from leading and from the trunk. It originates from our caveman ancestors. It boils down to mate selection
Perhaps you have seen the rack on Ugama?”
Nope. Because I’m too busy looking at her butt when she actually is bent over by the lake fishing with her teeth.”
It’s inside our genetic makeup. Overcome it, ladies. So long as you have them, we will look at them.
The only real problem is that men keep getting caught looking into the backsides of women, not the backsides of our WAGs It’s that is why that we have to become a bit more careful and a bit more ingenious if they do catch us in the act. Here are several methods to look at other women when your girl’s around.
Insulting other women
Your girl won’t mind your considering another woman’s back assets as long as it’s to cut them to shreds. Isn’t making fun of other folks one of your preferred pastimes as a couple of? Did you start to see the size of this chick’s butt? Each morning Time to ease through to the fat-filled coffee and bagels, huh?” Even though the woman has plenty of sex appeal and an improved tail than your girl’s (that will be the case, because you were looking), you must pretend it is the biggest butt you’ve ever seen. Whether it’s obviously not big at all, find various other fault with it. Just ensure it is a good enough cause to be looking to begin with. I thought she was hiding packs of hamburger meat in her pockets. I did truly.”

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