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Why you need to know, it means a whole lot if your Chinese girlfriend wants one to meet her family…
Family in China is treated very than in the west differently, Chinese people generally have closer family units, it is extremely common for grandparents to call home with families and children are taught to respect their elders together, age is not viewed as bringing wisdom but definitely respect necessarily, amongst similar aged peers even. It is usually assumed that granny also, mom rather than dad certainly, expected their daughter to marry a foreigner a 老外 and although many excuses might come out in the first meeting there is no real reason against this, among the neighbourhood it would be generally seen as a positive thing assuming he was working hard and offering her opportunities. However with the family unit directly the issue is one of trust, the divorce rate is notoriously high in the west (not that it’s uncommon in China) but chances are they don’t speak English and therefore have nothing to trust you on besides your word that you will look after this girl. Hence why you should not be surprised why her father wants to know about your work and housing situation and who can blame him. Most foreigners in their eyes enjoy sleeping around are potentially not serious about marriage again not like that is uncommon amongst.
Chances are if she hasn’t told them already the first meeting can potentially be a little volatile. An excellent friend of mine visited meet his now very dear to him, mother in law. When introduced to her because the boyfriend, mom (who was at that time in the center of cooking dinner) found a cleaver and began chasing him round the table. Eventually the problem calmed down plus they started to talk, again mom was just concerned he didn’t truly love her daughter. They’re as stated now very close, he says that him working along with his Chinese and letting her know they wished to include her within their family helped a whole lot.
The point of most this is that when your girlfriend wants one to meet her family. She really loves you, she wants them to learn that she actually is considering marrying you. Many get offended at being effectively proposed to for marriage in this manner and perhaps before having sex nonetheless it is precisely because Chinese women usually do not want to be employed by foreigners and like their fathers for asking if you intend on purchasing a home later on and what job you have who’s in a position to blame her.
Several little tips.
Dress the part – first impressions count and no-one would like to go to a slob as their future son in law Make sure that you shave and scrub up just a little.
Something special wouldn’t go a miss – make sure it is count, there is no point taking right out a crappy tea set that could get thrown by yourself head later on, flowers perhaps for the potential future mother in law and the daddy in law likes a glass or two discover what is his favourite bottle of ‘white alcohol’ 白酒 – Chinese rice wine, anticipate to drink it with him if all goes well and his wife still lets him drink.
Brush on your own Chinese – Possibly the most important up. Otherwise you’re leaving it to your girlfriend to describe everything about you and you also will be sitting dumb. It can only help be able to talk with those that could call you ‘Son’ in the foreseeable future.
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