CAN YOU Date This Pretty Lady

Recently we conducted a mini-experiment. We ask several men to supply us making use of their honest opinions about if they will date the next pretty women predicated on their looks. And their honest email address details are very interesting. Hopefully you’ll receive some insights from the outcomes of this mini-experiment.
#1 Elegant lady in pink
Steven: She reminds of Paul’s mom in Pendulum, a vintage movie starring George Peppard, therefore i won’t date her, despite the fact that she actually is a good-looking woman.”
Scott: Her energy makes me desire to keep her as a mistress. She doesn’t appear to be wife material. ”
Mike: I’ll bang her and won’t date her.”
#2 Asian woman having an attitude
Steven: Maybe she actually is yet another Chinese woman who would like expensive gifts. I’m not just a fan of consumerism because I cannot afford to get girls luxury presents.”
Scott: I love her body, but I can’t stand her face. Sorry to be so blunt.”
Mike: I often date Asian ladies because they’re shorter. How tall is this Asian girl? Perhaps she actually is taller than me. Since I’m only 160cm, I probably shouldn’t date her. I usually feel insecure when I day a woman who’s taller than me.”
#3 Ukrainian woman with beauty and youth
Steven: Oh, this Ukrainian girl is hot. I’m already fired up by her melancholy look and today I could feel my boner.”
Scott: I’ll definitely date her. But I will not marry her. I believe my future wife should look happier. In the foreseeable future, my kids deserve a far more positive mother. So, I assume this Ukrainian stunner is a placeholder – I could keep her around before actual game changer rocks up in my own life.”
Mike: I really like women wearing shorts which woman from Ukraine contains the right legs to attract me. Yes, I’ll date her for certain!”
#4 Blonde with long legs
Steven: She looks fine. I’m satisfied with how big is her boobs.”
Scott: I hate her choker. I will not date her. I favor women with better taste and class. A female wearing a choker only reminds me of your dog. Sorry about that.”
Mike: Just pump and dump. I don’t believe I’ll really date her. This woman doesn’t even wear pants when she is out, therefore i can’t trust her and will not be with her in the long run.”
#5 Brunette in white pants
Steven: She has an extremely handsome face that I’m not thinking about. I love feminine women.”
Scott: It appears that she’ll be too argumentative and difficult easily date her.”
Mike: Wow. She looks hot. But sorry, I definitely won’t date this hot woman because I favor women who is able to smile and make me happy, and I will make sure they are happy. Dating must not be a one-way street, right? So, I assume I will stay away from an angry woman like that because I don’t possess time or energy to waste.”
#6 Black woman in white lace
Steven: She looks perfect. I’ll definitely sleep with her. I love chocolate, especially chocolates – the texture that melts in my own mouth gradually! And I wish to melt inside her while enjoying the moisture, pressure and temperature.”
Scott: Sorry, I’m not drawn to Black women. I don’t believe I’m a racist because attraction isn’t a choice. I cannot choose who Personally i think sexually drawn to because that is all dependant on biology and environment.”
Mike: This picture makes me desire to rub her tits already. I reckon I’ll masturbate tonight before this photo.”
#7 Mature woman (tall and thin)
Steven: Yes, I’ll definitely do her. I love her outfit. I am hoping my future girlfriend or wife can wear something similar to that at home each day! That costume is ideal in the bed room, kitchen, family room and balcony! I really like it!”
Scott: I love women with long hair, especially women who touch their hair. That gesture is this type of turn-on!”
Mike: I have no idea what’s happening to her knees and legs. Maybe she shouldn’t wear high heel shoes? Anyway, I’m drawn to hot girls wearing high heel shoes because I’m an enormous fan of women’s shoes. I used to lick my ex-girlfriend’s high heel shoes each day and felt excellent.”
#8 Asian lady in a pink dress
Steven: This Asian beauty is stunning. I wish to marry her. She’s the perfect face, an attractive body and incredibly alluring posture. That is the right package for me personally.”
Scott: I didn’t know Vietnamese women can look so hot. But anyway, I’m convinced – I will date more Asian beauties to any extent further.”
Mike: Her face looks in the same way beautiful because the flowers in her basket. Just what a gorgeous girl from Asia. Yes, I’ll surely date her.”
#9 Russian woman(blonde and tall)
Steven: Wow. I’m so impressed with Russian ladies This Russian beauty happens to be a stunner that I’ll date. What’s her contact number?”
Scott: She looks a little old. I don’t mind if she actually is under 35 yrs . old though. But if she actually is over 35, I will most likely not date her. Sorry for my blunt response.”
Mike: I love Russian beauties with plenty of hair. She doesn’t appear to have much hair, so I won’t date her. Also, I prefer younger women. I can’t stand women who are older than me because I want to feel like a real man who can protect my woman. If she is older than me, perhaps she is worldlier than me, and that intimidates me.”
#10 Asian girl in red
Steven: Her boobs are too small. I don’t know why, but many Asian women look like 13-year-old boys.”
Scott: I like her fish-net stockings, so I will have sex with her, but I won’t date her.”
Mike: She looks perfect. I don’t like women with big boobs, so I will certainly date her and will probably marry her if her personality is right.”
Which pretty girl is your favorite? Please write a comment below and share your opinions.

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