Can PEOPLE Be Friends Without Sexual Attraction Really

It’s an age-old debate: Can men and women truly, really, just be friends honestly?
Some individuals are categorical about any of it: No. There will be ambiguity.
Others – usually those with lots of friends from the opposite sex – insist that platonic friendships between straight men and women can exist.
Here is the thing: Studies have shown differences in the way both genders perceive and experience opposite-sex friendships If you’re a dude, you’re more likely to believe that your female friend might be attracted to you when she actually is not. Women, alternatively, have a tendency to assume their insufficient attraction towards their male friend is mutual – hence the existence of the dreaded friend zone concept.
Can individuals truly be just friends?
Without intentions of sex or other things friends normally wouldn’t have?
I truly don’t think this and this is excatly why I don’t understand why my boyfriend really needs female friends. Guys usually only befriend women they’re attracted to. Personally i think such as this is how they became friends in the first place truly. Attraction together is what brought both.
I also feel like guys turn making use of their “friends” to fill the void carrying out a break up.
If you do a rigid opinion with this presssing issue, another answers from guyQ users could easily get someone to reconsider your stance easily. In the final end, isn’t life filled up with gray zones?
It depends. It totally though is dependent upon the relationship. I believe a man and a woman could be friends inside a combined group without problem. If your BF is friends with a female(s) from work, school, or other group and they also have other mutual friends they see and day, there really is not a lot of a concern.
But I firmly believe that a guy and a female can’t have an in depth relationship outside of a business setting without there being some sexual tension , by way of a minumum of 1 person, at some right amount of time in the relationship. I’ve arguments with people continuously concerning this, and I’ve yet to be proven wrong. I’m not saying these urges will undoubtedly be acted on atlanta divorce attorneys relationship, but someone will undoubtedly be interested at some time. I don’t believe that anyone who’s in a relationship ought to be spending alone time with someone of the contrary sex. That’s just my estimation.
But I am going to say that not absolutely all guy-girl relationships are based from attraction I’ve friends which are girls that I’m not attracted to.
My answer is yes, but it depends on what “just” means. And why does a sexual attraction mean they are not friends? Do you think that men and women who are sexually attracted always have to act on it? Are they always secretly plotting to find the other in the sack? Really, they are friends. And sure, deep down or not-so-deep down they will admit, yes, in another life I would like to sleep with so and so. But this does not matter.
Sure men usually befriend women that they are attracted to, because these are usually the only women that talk to in the first place, because they are attractive. This is usually harmless.
There is a long way from attraction to action.
At arm’s length. No compliments on physical appearance or anything. No personal sharing of information. Yeah, emotional bond is a big no no.
Some single women hold onto their male friends who is in a relationship, for emotional support. Not good for the guy.

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