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Breakups suck. They do. You’re closing the door on a whole universe you shared with another person. You’re killing off the future that you had been ‘re no longer a husband, boyfriend, partner, or consistent hookup pal to someone. Instead, you’re just … you.
Considering all the powerful and possibly conflicting emotions you experience post-breakup, it’s worth recognizing that the things you’re feeling right now might have an impact on your actions over time, whether that’s days, weeks, months, or even years. With that in mind, here are some breakup rules structured as words of wisdom to make sure this difficult time doesn’t feel like an ending, but instead, the starting point to a new beginning.
1. Don’t Do Anything Rash
Immediately after a breakup, it’s normal and natural to feel a little bit unhinged when compared with your baseline. You might feel the urge to do something big and meaningful (and maybe even dangerous) to match the intensity of your emotions.
This is when you should remember that what you’re feeling is temporary. You shouldn’t do anything that will have permanent life consequences just because you’re trying to process some fleeting emotions, however powerful they might be.
Sure, you’re permitted to act out a bit. Maybe which means buying yourself something you need, booking a trip, venturing out more, or elsewhere giving yourself permission to lead a life you weren’t through the relationship.
That doesn’t mean you need to do anything you’ll seriously regret, or which will be hard or impossible to undo. Whatever you feel now will pass, but those mistakes will stick to you.
2. Let Yourself Feel Pain
This may sound counterintuitive, but it is a step that lots of guys avoid as a is important when experiencing emotional pain or trauma to acknowledge your sadness instead of attempting to sweep it beneath the rug and keep on as though everything’s normal.
Men are taught from the young age to bury negative emotions like sadness and regret, but that is clearly a deeply unhealthy approach which will can cause being emotionally closed off in the long run, even though it feels better for a while.
If you are feeling sad, embrace and accept that sadness. Treat you to ultimately a day off or perhaps a night in (or even more than one!) where you’re just sad in what happened. If people ask how you’re doing, admit in their mind that you’re going right through a tough time. Speak to those closest for you about your position. Consider seeing a therapist or counselor to handle what you’re feeling.
Acknowledging and confronting the truth of one’s emotions now can make them much, easier to cope with farther later on.
3. Don’t Start Dating Again IMMEDIATELY
It’s normal to search out you to definitely fill that void your ex partner has generated in the wake of a breakup. While it’s tempting to download Tinder and begin swiping the moment your ex is out the door, that kind of behavior runs the risk of being deeply unfair and unkind to those you’re meeting online. It’s one thing to consider companionship (whether physical or emotional), and it’s another to try to use a stranger for the purpose of a quick rebound.
Whether you tell these people that you just got out of a relationship or not, trying to dull the emotional pain you’re feeling with a new relationship or a series of hookups is one that you’ll probably struggle to be objective about. For that reason, immediately following a breakup, it’s best to stay off the dating market.
You’ll come out of it with a better understanding of yourself, and you won’t toy with anyone else’s emotions in the interim.
4. Try to Come to Terms With What Happened
When you think back on a breakup, particularly if you were the one who was broken up with, it could be tempting to try to remember just the good parts. On the flip side, if you were the one who ended things, it could be tempting to paint your ex as the villain and yourself because the good guy.
A breakup can even be good wake-up call. In the event that you got dumped as well as your ex tells you what the issue was, it can be a good time to confront one or more aspects of your personality that could stand to be worked on a bit.
Regardless, try not to dismiss the breakup as being meaningless, or your ex being crazy.” That kind of thinking will make it harder for you to confront what really went wrong. If anything, that’ll make it harder for you to learn any lessons from the breakup that you could apply in your next relationship.
5. Take a Break From Your Ex
You’re probably used to talking to your ex as much or more than anyone else you know, but for the foreseeable future, you should shut off all communication with them.
While there are exceptions, of course – like dealing with separating possessions, custody of a child or pet, or you know each other in a professional capacity – contact with your ex will be emotionally difficult. Continued interaction will only hold you back from moving on, and may create an avenue for one of you to be cruel or hurtful to the other.
6. Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family
Following a tough breakup, particularly if you lived together or spent a lot of time together, it’s common to find yourself wondering what to do with yourself. How can you fill up the hours that would have been spent with your ex?
While it may be tempting to dive headfirst into some more solo pursuits , it’s important to reach out to the people close to you.
Having friends and family around will help you feel happier, more grounded, and appreciated. Spending time with those who know you best will provide them with the opportunity to check in on you and get a sense of how you’re doing. Some outside perspective could possibly be exactly what you will need right now.
7. Consider the Breakup Being an Opportunity
If you are down in the dumps, racking your brains on what happened immediately after a breakup, it’s tough to start to see the silver linings. The truth is, up to a breakup constitutes an ending, it is also a beginning. At this point you have the opportunity to raised understand who you’re and what you would like out of life with out a partner at your side. Also you can take what you’ve learned and apply it once you meet someone better suitable for you than your ex partner was.
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