So, you’ve met someone who’s great. You might create a relationship with her, but there’s one problem: She’s good friends with her ex More often than not there is the opportunity of baggage when you start dating someone new. All women include bad friends, all women have a job they don’t really like, but there is nothing more challenging for the male ego to handle when compared to a woman who includes her ex as a companion.
For some justification or another, a lot of men can’t fathom that another man was sexually intimate making use of their woman. And it’s really funny, too, because women have become aware of this. Once you meet a woman who’s great friends with her ex really, she’ll usually let you know, Hey, Max and I are like close friends. Our relationship didn’t workout sexually at all, but we’re still such excellent friends.”
She does it because she understands the male ego and she knows you are likely to be freaking out during the relationship. So, you make an effort to play it cool really, even while you’re thinking to yourself, I’m not friends with some of my exes. I wish these were all floating in the center of the ocean. I couldn’t care less about them.”
You make an effort to play it cool, but because the relationship progresses, you stop acting so cool about any of it slowly. You get right into a fight, and she calls her ex to share with you it, because he just knows her really, really well. You don’t want to get jealous, but it really bugs you when the ex calls and she giggles to herself for the next five minutes because of something he said. It starts to eat away at you increasingly more.
Befriend the enemy
So, what’s the solution? It’s easy. Befriend the enemy. I would get everybody together for dinner and sit face to face with the man who once put his penis inside my girl. Look at him and treat him as you would any other guy. Get to know him a little bit. When you’re in the presence of your girl and her ex, you’ll see the dynamic between them and realize that there’s nothing left. There should be no sexual energy or sexual chemistry between them at all. In fact, I just look at him as a furry girlfriend of hers.
That’s it. He’s just another friend of hers. At the end of the night, shake hands, befriend him on Facebook, whatever. But be cool.
You’ve got to deal with it, guys. Now, don’t forget – we’re talking about the ex she’s “just friends” with. There are the exes out there we can put an asterisk close to: the ex they still have feelings for. Those would be the ones that you have to nip in the bud from the get-go, gentlemen.
If she’s friends with the ex and you also all venture out together and you also see no sexual chemistry, then you’re fine. But in the event that you day her and she’s always discussing the ex, then she obviously still has feelings for him.
TAKE IT Up With Her, Not Him
And that is a thing that you need to cope with – however, not with him, with her. You have to admit it: You picked wrong. You picked the incorrect woman as you weren’t hearing the warning signs from the beginning. The problem lots of people face when dating is too attached prematurely rather than watching the signs now. We generally have the blinders on: Oh, my God, she’s absolutely perfect for me.” Yeah, but she constantly discusses her ex, and she’s always complaining regarding the girl that he’s dating.
You need to start your eyes, guys. You need to sit her and say down, Listen, I don’t believe you’re over him at all.” You will need to confront her and you also have to listen really carefully when she responds. Focus on her body gestures and the expressed words she uses. Do what you ought to have done in the very beginning of the relationship – give consideration. If it looks like she’s not over her past relationship, in that case your new relationship is certainly going and you have to deal with that as an adult nowhere.

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