Boost Your Sperm (b9f71f4)

Proxeed® plus
Believe it or not, it takes about 90 days to completely refresh sperm. In fact, what a man eats, how he exercises and what he’s exposed to in the environment during those 90 days can all affect sperm health. So in addition to making healthy dietary and lifestyle changes, you can give your swimmers a boost with a male fertility supplement, such as Proxeed® plus Formulated with key nutrients integral for developing sperm, Proxeed plus contains an antioxidant formulation, including three times more L-carnitine and Acetyl-L-carnitine – nutrients that have been clinically proven to help with sperm development and quality than other men’s health supplements. It also contains folic acid, zinc and vitamins B12 and C, all which are key for optimal sperm health and mobility.
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