Blow Her Mind With A Picnic

Summer has arrived and with it, that urgent desire to get out and take in the fresh air. Unless you live in a climate that is amenable to year-round alfresco activity, the opportunity to shed winter layers and soak up the sunshine is overpowering. There’s nothing quite as romantic as delicious food and drinks surrounded by nature on a beautiful summer day – which is why a picnic is kind of the ultimate summer date idea So we’re here to assist you up your summer picnic-planning game and really impress her.
Our diet and appreciation of food changes with the weather as well, since different produce is available given seasonal harvests. Now is the time when we congregate at an outdoor café for brunch or join a friend for a beer on a patio But the luxury I savor most when the weather cooperates is a romantic picnic.
The picnic is taken-for-granted, but it could be a go-to move for just about any occasion. What better way to impress a woman than preparing a gourmet picnic lunch, dropping by her place and whisking her off to a lake, mountain or park to dine under the sun? Throw a good wine and a cushty blanket in to the mix, and the knowledge could make for just one date she’ll remember.
The very best part about picnics is they do not require an inordinate time period to plan. Whether you take into account yourself a gourmet or not, it is possible to develop a wonderful outdoor meal for just two. Here’s how to still do it.
Weather Watch
To begin with: Check the elements. All your other well-laid plans are created moot in the event that you get caught in a shower.

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