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The Question
Hi Bryce,
My girlfriend and I’ve already been together for nearly a year. The other day she explained her friend Carli is moving to exactly the same city as us, after having left the united states for a couple years, and she seems excited to possess Carli around.
This might be fine, except my girlfriend and Carli used up to now. We’ve discussed this. My girlfriend says she’s bi-flexible,” and that whenever she was younger was interested in women (experimenting”) and today she isn’t that interested. She says that now she just really wants to be with me.
She saw after she mentioned Carli moving here that I felt uncomfortable (I wasn’t sure how exactly to say what I felt but I assume my expression gave it away). She said that I haven’t any reason to worry, that she’s not thinking about a relationship with Carli and that Carli knows we have been together. And she’d really like to go out with Carli without me being awkward about any of it, because the two of these are still friends.
I trust my girlfriend but I still don’t feel good about this. It could be an essential factor if she and Carli just installed several times, nonetheless they actually had a relationship for considering that my girlfriend and I’ve recently been together approximately. Though it back was four years, I’m worried my girlfriend will most likely make contact with Carli.
What should i do? Let me be chill” about all this but it’s addressing me and must make our relationship really tense.
The Answer
Hey Geoff,
A particular approach says that when a guy dates a female who’s bisexual, he could possibly be in the running for an enjoyable experience automatically, likely through a slew of porn-worthy threesomes. However your letter should let you know to AskMen readers that that’s not the case – when two differing people like one another quite definitely, misunderstandings and complications are bound to emerge, regardless of where you lie on the Kinsey scale. With that looked after, Geoff, let’s focus on your particular situation.
There’s precedent for boyfriends being jealous of ex-boyfriends, a framework within which to utilize. If Carli was getting with a male ex together , the script will be simpler. But we’re dealing with sexual fluidity, the boundaries of romantic relationships and friendship outside cozy hetero roles. The relative lines are blurrier.
It’s totally legit your lover would like to day someone she consumed to now. If you need someone enough to monogamously invest time with them, and the complete lot doesn’t result in an utter disaster, it seems sensible to still feel affection for them without looking to rekindle a past flame necessarily.

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