Being George Clooney

A former nanny told The National Enquirer that Angelina Jolie hates George Clooney Whether it’s true, she’s the only real woman on earth.
George Clooney is really a star in the classic sense. A ringer for Cary Grant, he’d be as comfortable drinking martinis with Frank Sinatra as he’d be sharing a bottle of whisky with Daniel Day-Lewis Time magazine called him THE FINAL CELEB,” and we’d agree. He wears his celebrity easily and doesn’t complain about being in everyone eye. While other celebrities arrived at enough mind about seeming aloof, he’s open, direct and friendly. From what we can tell, George Clooney includes a great life and appreciates it.
George Clooney is really a guy’s guy who drives a motorcycle and doesn’t dye his hair. He doesn’t continue crash diets, he grows a beard every once in awhile and women adore him for several of the above.
Learn what being George Clooney is approximately and you’re bound to operate a vehicle women wild.
Learn to laugh at yourself
It’s widely rumored that George Clooney may be the one who circulated Jesus vs. Santa” (the video credit card that birthed the show South Park). Once the cartoon became a string, Clooney decided to guest star as Stan Marsh’s gay dog Sparky. He previously no dialogue and only made dog noises. Once the show’s creators later lampooned him to be too political in Team America, Clooney laughed it off and said he’d have already been offended if he hadn’t been a target. Seeing how well he reacted, the press began asking if he’d consider running for office and he replied honestly: No. I’ve slept with way too many women, I’ve done way too many drugs and I am to way too many parties.” Rather than trying to be considered a star” in interviews, he laughs at their own celebrity. He joked that Leatherheads was cry for peace.” When asked about reconciling George Clooney the actor and George Clooney the director, he said: There’s lots of ego there… therefore i just take it from the actors.”
Being George Clooney: George Clooney is excellent exemplory case of putting your ego in balance. The worst thing that can be done when someone teases you would be to get angry. It proves you’re sensitive with their jabs because you are not more comfortable with yourself. Clooney knows he’s the sht, so he is able to joke about himself. Being George Clooney implies that if someone teases you about wearing exactly the same T-shirt too often, you will need to laugh it off and say that it proves you are not afraid of serious relationships… at the very least with clothing. Similarly, if things aren’t going well on a romantic date, you’ll exasperate things by getting frustrated. Put a smile on your own face and crack a tale. Even if it does not fix things using your date generally, you might fool yourself into having a better time.
The the stand by position position your ideals
Celebrities who develop a show to be political annoy people, but George Clooney walks the walk actually. January 31 On, 2008, the US selected him to market global knowing of its activities and named him a Messenger of Peace.” He’s a genuine environmentalist, owning the initial Tango electric car and, more recently, the electric Tesla Roadster Some would argue that it’s easy to stand by convictions when you’re famous. However, before his hit show ER, Clooney quit Baby Talk, the TV version of Look Who’s Talking, because he felt an actress was being unfairly humiliated. He recalled the event for People: I remember calling my agent and I said, ‘What happens if I walk away from this? Do I end my career? He said, ‘I don’t know.’ And I thought, ‘It’s worth it.’”
Being George Clooney: No woman likes a man with weak convictions. Even if she doesn’t agree with you, she’ll respect you more if you don’t waffle on beliefs. Likewise, standing up for others isn’t easy, particularly when your career is on the line, but you’ll sleep better at night. Being George Clooney will require you to be an upright citizen.

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