Behaviors That Get You Dumped (dd525de)

7. Poor Hygiene
Just do it: Wear exactly the same handful of underwear for days at the same time. Uncover what happens you forgo bathing to “preserve your natural essence once.” Grow those toenails out to talon-like lengths as you think self-pedicures are “still pedicures” and so “for chicks only.” But we’ll save time from taking the “Natural Man Challenge” by helping you discover at the moment that it’ll absolutely produce your girlfriend losing desire for you, or her lunch aswell even. Seriously guys – you can get methods to remain smelling superior to a wet dog, if you are spending the entire summer following Phish even. Grooming and proper hygiene aren’t only acceptable behaviors for a 21st century man, they’re absolutely crucial for the preservation of his relationships with females (excluding Juggalettes). On a weekend hunting trip with the boys Feel absolve to stink up the woods while, but hit the shower another you get home. When you are lucky, she’ll slide in with someone to enable you to get all that grime off one’s body.

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