Behaviors That ENABLE YOU TO GET Dumped

8. Utter “The Word”
In the heat of the moment, we’ve all said things we don’t mean. But unless you’re looking for a surefire way to end things instantly, you must never, under any circumstances, put together one simple combination of four particular letters. The foul result is a word that we’re not even capable of typing, given what respectable gentlemen we are (but it rhymes with “hunt”). Unlike other swear words, the context for your use of the expression matters not, for the mere word itself is obviously offensive to any woman you may encounter almost, and off-limits to the complete male gender. Even though she just burned your preferred T-shirt using a couple of Super Bowl tickets as kindling, choose any selection from your own vocabulary to handle her. This otherwise forbidden term may only be utilized in mention of the inconsiderate lady at the job who insists on repeatedly stealing your girlfriend’s stapler unexpectedly – and only by your girlfriend… after she’s had three appletinis at happy hour. You’ve been warned.

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