Behaviors That ALLOW YOU TO GET Dumped (98adf49)

2. Square Peg, Round Hole
There exists a reason boxes of chocolate include legends: Because nobody wants an urgent burst of nasty cherry filling. Similarly, you will not ever, ever need to “experiment” with alternate means of sex unexpectedly her first. You’ll either come off all together jerk for taking the road less traveled with out a passport, or you will be instantly, permanently deported. Don’t believe you can sneak the right path in, either – even probably the most inexperienced border patrolman can tell the difference between an exit and entrance point. It’s possible you’ll be single before you even finish saying, “Just this once?” If she’s searching for some bumper service, let her show you into the garage. Ladies may be divided on the act itself, but not one of these really wants to be surprised because of it. However, if you are still enthusiastic about convincing her to give it a try, ask your doctor for two consecutive lube-free prostate exams. If you can handle that, your argument might have a leg – er, butt – to stand on.

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