Bedroom Communication Tips

1. We live such busy lives these days that it’s important to stop and ask that question how was it for you?”
2. Understand that males and females communicate differently.
3. Accept that there will be times when you should discuss something awkward in the bedroom.
You might not be satisfied sexually or you might want your partner to try something new and different but fear they will take it as a criticism and that they will feel not good enough. Try this formula for those situations where negativity has the potential to sneak in.
Step 1- Start with a compliment and reassurance of love and attraction
Step 2 2 2 – Deliver the awkward news or constructive criticism.
Step 3 3 3 – Follow it up with something reassuring.
Step 4 4 4 -Top it off with a suggested solution.
4. Communication doesn’t always have to be negative.
5. Discuss what you need in the bedroom.
When a couple gets together they assume that the level of sexual desire they experienced early in the relationships is maintained, often creating a pattern of routine sex that can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction. Have the conversation about what you need to explore with your partner or why you might want to try things out. This is not about dwelling on the past or focusing on the negative in your physical relationship, but rather focusing on the future and where you want your sex life to be.

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