Be Faithful In Sin City

Stay static in the group
Your buddies are going to have to play an active role in essentially cock-blocking you throughout the trip, and to do this you need to stay with your group whenever possible. By sticking together, if your mind ever starts to wander your friends will be there to snap you out of it. This rings especially true at clubs, when a solo trip to the dance floor can turn hot and heavy really quickly and your friends will be too far out of range to keep you from pulling a Penn and Teller disappearing act up to her room on the sixth floor of New York New York.
Ask your girlfriend to call you at night
If you need some added motivation and accountability, ask your girl to call you at night. Play it off as an I miss you” request, and not only will you earn brownie points with her, but you’ll have her in your thoughts the entire night. She’ll know something is up in the event that you ask her to call and suddenly aren’t available, which means this precaution will prevent you from doing something stupid and can keep you on your own toes for the trip. A telephone call that you must take can be quite a lifesaver from the risky situation. Don’t tell her to call at a particular time, instead just tell her to surprise you so you’re alert and expectant the complete time.
Relieve yourself before moving out
No, we’re not discussing going for a piss, but rubbing one out prior to you heading out. Getting that urge from your system in the privacy of your room rather than regrettably in another woman’s could keep your thoughts on your own lover, preventing your hormones from overtaking at a later point in the night time. Apparently, Ted had the proper idea before his date with Mary – just try to be a little more careful than he was.
viva nevada – responsibly

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