Be Confident About Your Appearance

3. Be Confident About Your Appearance
Visual appearance are something you’re either born with or you are not, and besides, they didn’t top the list for just about any of the ladies we asked (honestly!). But an attention to detail rated highly as a desirable quality, and this mostly manifested in the form of guys who smell good and take care of their appearance and surroundings.
“A carefully-chosen cologne will perform miracles when it comes to your memorability and general allure,” explains Jen, 30, and Grace adds: “I KNOW you can master smelling good! Get some Kiehls body wash and a signature cologne and you’re set!”
For Amy , 26, it’s about your environment, too: “I’m attracted to men who make their habitat attractive. It’s hard to be sexy if you’re not comfortable, and there are lots of greying too, lumpy or flat pillows out here. Respect your bed if you want it to be place where in fact the magic happens: ensure it is, clothe it in Cotton or more your duvet game. Lighting a damn candle won’t kill you! And when you can’t keep a cactus alive that probably doesn’t bode well for a relationship with a human woman.”
As Amy suggests, this is not only a superficial requirement: close focus on detail gives important clues concerning how you’ll treat your lover, so make certain you’re projecting the proper impression. Ensure you’re well-dressed (think ‘signature style’ instead of ‘decked out in expensive designer gear’); clean and tidy (trimmed beard or clean-shaven, fresh breath, smelling good) and have clean surroundings (clear your beard trimmings out from the sink, clean the toilet, have a tidy bedroom – you know the drill!).

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