Be A Gentleman

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When two people meet for casual sex through an online meetup site , or two gainfully employed and consensual adults go Dutch on the dinner bill, we assume, perhaps presumptuously and wrongfully, that this situation is not romantic – that this man, who’s real flesh and blood rather than Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, is behaving as an animal, no upstanding gentleman.
But it isn’t so monochrome. It’s not that people want one to be Romeo. We don’t expect one to fight over us, or with one another, and we especially don’t expect one to fight to the death gladiator-style. We just want one to make an effort. Make you feel special, tell us our hair looks nice, that you want just how we did our makeup. Pull a chair out for all of us every occasionally.
Wish woman offers to go Dutch or no more must wait impatiently for the telephone to ring hoping of being invited from another date by her suitor, it doesn’t mean men are somehow pardoned from all old-fashioned gentlemanly responsibilities. Things such as opening the automobile door or letting her order first as well as ordering on her behalf (but don’t push your luck, buddy – this can be a 21st century) are thoughtful acts of politeness and good grooming. They are also easily implemented point-winning ways of flattery that will raise the probability of getting her to bed, impressing coworkers or obtaining a job promotion. Because being truly a gentleman isn’t always nearly dating and sex , neither is it limited by the dynamic between a guy and a woman; it is also about approaching any situation with respect, dignity, tact and coolness.

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