Bad Dance Moves

American poet Edwin Denby once observed: You will discover a little bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody lots of good.” While it’s hard to argue with Denby’s logic, you should limit that insanity whenever you can. Luckily for you personally, we’ve compiled a listing of 10 of the very most wretched dance moves in the annals of human locomotion. Simply avoid executing these bad dance moves and you will be well on the way to becoming the king of the backseat mambo. And when you insist upon keeping these bad dance moves in your repertoire… welcome to singledom.
Number 10
The Moonwalk
The Achy Breaky… Bad Mistakey
The Back Spin
The Hammer Dance, aka Hammer Time
Albert Einstein said once, Dancers will be the athletes of God.” This can be a lovely little sentiment, nevertheless it makes us suspect that Al saw anyone doing the Hammer Dance never. Popularized by MC Hammer himself, this putrid little choreography is achieved by shuffling forward and backward while keeping your legs wide apart and slightly bent. Naturally, it can benefit if your pants contain 18 cubic feet of material, but any old handful of acid washed jeans can perform. This is one of many bad dance moves we’re glad died in the ‘90s.
Number 6
The Ickey Shuffle

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