Awkward Sex Stories (92c9b74)

8. Threesome Aborted
When I was about 21 I had this hot as fuck 18 year old girlfriend. Her best friend was an equally hot as fuck dancer with the West Australian Ballet Company.. a proper ballerina.
One night we all drinking at my place, the GF’s best friend kept on standing in the lounge room doorway and stretching her leg up against the doorframe, so it was pointing up at the ceiling.
I couldn’t stop looking. It was hot as fuck. She noticed me looking too…
Anyway we all got pretty drunk and the friend asked if I was ticklish… and my girlfriend answered, ‘he’s REALLY REALLY ticklish!’ and with they dragged me to the bed room threw me on the bed (I wasn’t struggling) and proceeded to tickle the fuck out of me. This continues on for quite a while and the girlfriend starts removing my clothes While she does this she tickles me under my arm and I lose it, and was laughing so hard… that I discrete a fart.
Boy, did that kill the mood. the tickle fight ended and they also returned to the lounge to see TV immediately. No threesome. Up with the worst moments of my life there.

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