Awkward Sex Stories (0d37a04)

10. AVOID Sneezing
I was with my first long-time girlfriend in senior high school, and we were both very not used to sex. We were both over-eager and clumsy, so we’d some interesting sexual situations through the entire early elements of our relationship.
The most uncomfortable of the occurred one day whenever we were upstairs in my own game room watching television when we made a decision to fool around. She began to decrease on me, that was initially incredible until, in her words the brushing of my pubic hair against her nose caused her to sneeze and subsequently bite down on my dick. The pain was drew and excruciating blood, and I pushed her of me and fell to the bottom off, subsequently hitting her head contrary to the coffee table before us. Both of us just lied down in pain for an awkward period of time until I decided I had to go get my parents for medical help.
Today I still have a scar shaped such as a slight overbite around my dick To. I always reach tell this fun little story in the center of intimate moments.

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