Australian Twins Anna And Lucy DeCinque Share A Boyfriend

The Story
Saddle up, boys, ’cause this one’s about to get strange. A recent feature on Australian television about twins (and what makes these dynamic duos unique) also uncovered the unusual story of two Aussie identical twin sisters , Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who do everything together, dress the same, and even share… a boyfriend.
Yep. You read that right. Somewhere Down Under, there’s a dude going to town on two ladies who look exactly the same and then sleeping with both of them in their “super king-size” bed. The clip below gets into some of the more TV-appropriate details, leaving out if they do, actually, do everything together. So we have no idea whether this guy is really living out a huge amount of people’s fantasies at this time… but he could possibly be. Take a look:
The Snapshot
The Lesson
We reside in 2016, this means it’s already the near future, and without a doubt: The near future is filled with just absolutely gobstoppingly weird items that would make your ancestors have a dang old-timey coronary attack should they could only view it. iPhones, hoverboards, vape pens, man-buns, and a set of Aussie twins having threesomes with just one single dude hypothetically.
But you know very well what? To each their freakin’ own, man. Should they have a scenario exercised where everyone’s happy (and clearly they hadn’t been happy in past times dating separate guys) and everyone’s a consenting adult, good on them then. They’re living their finest lives rather than givin’ a fck; we have to all be so lucky.
Though if they split up ever… that’s gonna be at the very least doubly complicated as a standard breakup

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