Ashley Madison Leak

For tens of an incredible number of Americans, it’s your biggest fear, become more active. Your most private, shameful secrets, exposed. Not for the spouse to see – they could forgive, with time – but for friends and family, coworkers, senior high school graduating class. For the parents and siblings. For the buddies you play ball with. Yep, the Ashley Madison leak shall result in a lot of drama. Which, naturally, means it turned out blowing to Twitter like nobody’s business yesterday evening.
Discussing nobody’s business… Some Twitter users thought the leaked data was that:
Nothing anybody positioned on Ashley Madison is a few of my business.
Forget Ashley Madison, for an instantaneous, and replace it with: medical records. Your full taxation statements. Your inbox.
Some worried about the volume of potentially implicated military and government figures:
Oh man. Folks used their corporate/gov/military emails on Ashley Madison? /pqr454gAP3
In Ashley Madison dump are “15,019 accounts using either amil orgov email” /8zxdy3is6W
Others, without presumably, um, skin in the sport, turned to comedy:
Meanwhile, at Ashley Madison down… /TZVZjaD0do
Hackers have revealed the identities of Ashley Madison users. Said 32 million cheaters together: /eJ8WnMgXCb
Ashley Madison? Who’s that, uh… Jared Fogle’s… girlfriend? Is… are those a few things related? Does this… did that produce sense?
This Ashley Madison leak made me realize I must get ahead of my own, personal story: I’m a co-employee of multiple magic trick discussion forums.
America reading concerning the Ashley Madison leak in tomorrow’s paper /FSAfy7vkPZ
– Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) August 19, 2015
Some sought personal gain from the problem:
I’m going to buy stock in Tiffany’s. Theres going to be a whooole large amount of “baby I am sorry” gifts being purchased lol
That hackers have dumped an individual data from Ashley Madison Now, I’ll switch careers & turn into a divorce attorney.
While others centered on the collateral damage:
Week for women whose actual name is Ashley Madison Rough.
Plus some had some plain just, common-sense suggestions about cheating that we really can get behind:
im not in the super cool liberal club anyways, so ill just say re: ashley madison… you mustn’t cheat on your spouse.

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