Arrested Development By James Young

It was the initial ’90s back, and I had me this really pretty girl from the new air Force when she was stationed within San Antonio.
We had just derive from a bar and ran into some good friends at local restaurant. Many of us were eating when this puppy came walking through the fence outside, so it was presented with by us several bits of bread. Shortly afterwards, a security guard demanded and come that folks remove our dog. My date off mouthed, it was downhill after that also. He left, but she inside was pissed and walked.
After Immediately, we heard glass breaking. I didn’t even need to research, but my buddy says, Hey, your date gets arrested!” I kept eating my soup and told him simply, Don’t research. Just don’t research!”
When we walked from your restaurant, she was lying on the hood of a police car, handcuffed. Once we walked by, I said, I’ll call you.”

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