Are Women Promiscuous Really

Using quarters of society, the idea that women are getting to be “too easy” is often a common complaint. That’s generally a conservative position which include the “classic days” as its point of comparison, where women were likely to be modest and chaste until marriage.
This traditional model had its latest heyday in the 1950s, where traditional family values that centered the significance of marriage and “saving yourself for just one person” were at their apex.
Following the sexual revolution of the 1960s, which came into being because of changing social attitudes and technological advances just like the invention of the oral contraceptive pill, attitudes towards pre-marital sex became looser. The rise of varied feminist movements also encouraged women to get away from old social norms through the entire 1970s, 80s and 90s – till today.
So what’s the upshot of the decades of social change? Basically, women nowadays are, generally speaking, more prone to openly take part in casual sex than they was previously. But the undeniable fact that this makes them “easy” – apart from “too easy” – deserves closer examination.
Listed here are 8 reasons the idea that women are getting to be too easy is wrongheaded, plus some discussion of why the rise of more stimulating attitudes about casual sex is truly a good thing for men and women:
1. It Doesn’t SEEM SENSIBLE If You’re A GUY WHO WOULD LIKE TO Have Casual Sex
One key reason to ditch the original, puritanical attitude towards sexually liberated women is that sex is – never to put too fine a spot onto it – really damn fun. Sex can be an activity that’s widely enjoyed by lots of people, female and male alike, so what’s the sense in leveraging our social attitudes to be able to limit just how much of it people are willing to engage in? And, more to the point, why shame one particular gender out of having as much sex as the other?
The idea that women are “too easy” (read: have too much casual sex ) appears to be a peculiarly self-defeating attitude for straight men to hold. On the one hand, men are famously interested in having as much sex with women as you possibly can – there is a multi-million dollar industry peddling men endless self-help books and YouTube tutorial videos focused on helping them have more sex, not forgetting the sheer scale of the porn industry – yet however we’re accusing women of being too easy and, by proxy, discouraging them from sleeping with men.
Well, which way is it going to be? Either you need to have sex with women or you don’t. If you do, it makes no sense whatsoever to discourage potential sexual partners from being willing to have sex without signing a marriage certificate first by slapping them with derogatory labels like “easy”. Come on, this is basic math.
2. There’s No Benefit To Discouraging Sex
Consensual sex between adults is largely a victim-free, harmless activity that causes no wider social harms. It’s true that sex does come with some (manageable) risks such as for example STIs and pregnancy, but overall it’s forget about dangerous a task that climbing or jogging, also it doesn’t negatively impact the lives of outsiders (unlike, say, those noisy, pesky jet skiers!)
If many people are participating and being as safe as you possibly can freely, sex is, actually, healthy and really should be encouraged among individuals who are interested in it. Sex is a type of physical exercise (something most of us need more of) that increases intimacy and relaxation, and boosts immunity even
3. Religion Doesn’t Dominate Our Lives JUST HOW It Used To
One of many core reasons that “saving yourself” until marriage became this type of strong social impetus was due to religion, and religion continues to be the root cause of all of our judgmental attitudes towards casual sex. Various religions dictate that remaining chaste and modest is really a moral impetus ordained by God (in whichever form), and for quite a long time the thought of displeasing a supreme deity was enough to avoid most people from doing anything He prohibited (at the very least, out in the wild).
However, these days most people reside in increasingly secular societies and families, and don’t let religious dogma determine how we spend our waking hours. By and large, we’re no longer spending our Sundays in church and rushing off to confession after every one night stand. Religion doesn’t hold the same sway over our behaviour that it used to, and that’s partly why questions about whether women are becoming “too easy” look increasingly out-of-place in modern societies.
4. Casual Sex Is Useful & Important
Casual sex allows all of us to explore our sexual desires before we commit to one person for the remainder of our lives (if that’s your thing). Let’s face it: most people consider sex to be an important component in a romantic relationships, and finding out you have zero sexual chemistry together with your new wife once you finally consummate your marriage is really a recipe for divorce.
Fortunately, these days it is possible to avoid that embarrassment by gaining an obvious notion of your sexual desires well before your wedding night. Casual sex permits you to experiment in the bed room minus the weight of commitment, therefore this can be a useful activity that has to not be discouraged in women.
5. Sex Isn’t Inherently Dirty Or Degrading
You’ll find nothing inherently degrading about sex with someone you aren’t in a committed relationship with or soon after meeting someone new. As we’ve discussed, it generally does not hurt bystanders or cause widespread social disarray generally, why would we shame the individuals involved? (Or, ahem, the feminine ones just?)
The idea that casual sex is degrading is really a social construct really, and social constructs only gain life if we repeat them over and over. We don’t believe other normal, natural pursuits like eating or breathing are degrading, why the specific hang up the phone around sex? Collectively we’re able to stop viewing sex as a thing that debases us and instead arrived at view it as something that’s healthy, normal and fun when consenting adults participate, and doing this would cause people to be way less stressed and uptight in regards to a normal section of life.
6. The Question INCLUDES A Double Standard
It’s interesting to notice that the question isn’t “Have people become too easy?” but instead “Have women become too easy?” Why isn’t anyone asking whether men have become too easy? Casual sex is now more readily available for people of any gender than it was during the past, with fewer risks, so why is it that we’re only worried about women doing “too much” of it?
The answer is simple, if a little depressing: sexist double standards. We tend to punish women for displaying the same sexual attitudes which are encouraged in men, and even though we like for women to check available and hot constantly sexually, we shame those of these who continue with it insurance firms casual sex actually. That is self-evidently unfair pretty, and that’s nearly as good grounds as any to pause before asking if women have grown to be too easy.
7. Slut-Shaming Hurts Women
If you are not convinced that sexual double standards are bad enough, consider that shaming women for having casual sex causes real, tangible harm to thousands of women every day.
Slut-shaming is a serious form of bullying, and one that’s disproportionately targeted at women. Netflix’s documentary Audrie & Daisy details the tragic impact of slut-shaming – which can result in isolation, low self-esteem, self-harm and suicide – with heartbreaking clarity, and is a worthwhile watch for anyone who’s still not convinced that slut-shaming is “something” (an extremely, very terrible thing).
No one ought to be shamed for doing something making use of their own bodies that triggers no injury to others, and labelling women with epithets like “easy” or “slutty” plays into this notion that it is okay to torment someone because of the sexual choices. It isn’t, and that is another reason we’re side-eyeing the theory that women are “too easy”.
8. Sex Isn’t THE FINISH Of The Chase
Sometimes the question “Have women become too easy?” is really a way of reframing a feeling of exasperation that there surely is no thrill of the chase anymore. If women could have sex whenever they feel just like it, what happens to all or any the wooing and courting and flirting ? Isn’t that half the fun?
Worry not. To begin with, it isn’t like women do not require wooing and courting to obtain sex anymore – it’s these days the entire process might take part over a single evening rather than spanning months or years, and who’s seriously arguing that that’s less fun?
Moreover, the idea that sex itself could be the ultimate end game is really a little boring and limiting. There’s still plenty more to “chase” left once you have convinced a woman to visit bed with you: to begin with, you can get to learn her better, or you pursue better, more fulfilling sex for you both (let’s face it, the first night of sex often isn’t the greatest). There’s no reason that casual sex must spell the finish of courtship, so there is no have to fear women being “easy”.
Whatever way it really is cut by you, the theory that women have grown to be easy is wrong-headed too. If you’re considering it from the female viewpoint, the question is harmful and creates a double standard that punishes women for participating in activities men can perform freely, and that sucks. Similarly, if you look at it from the male perspective, shaming women out of attempting to have casual sex with you is counter-productive and treats sex as inherently shameful and degrading, and that sucks, too!

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