Approaching Women

Approach her whatever
If you approach, you win – whatever happens. Most guys are too concerned and focused in regards to a conversation going well and walking away with a telephone number. It is just a big mistake. Consider it this way: So long as you open the mouth area and say something – some thing – you’re doing what 95% of guys can only just dream about. Congratulate yourself the moment the conversation is started by you – in the end, you’re already a cut that beats all others. Once you have made this initial verbal contact, relax and revel in the speak to her.
Concentrate on how you’ll feel if you don’t talk to her
One reason you hesitate to begin talking to her is because it feels uncomfortable to take the leap. The fact remains However, it’s more uncomfortable to never. Consider it: If you approach her, you might well initially be nervous, but before long, the conversation is finished. And if you don’t approach her, you’ll wish you’d, day and you may carry that regret with you for several of those other. Save the agony and go speak to her.
Don’t put undue pressure on yourself

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