AN IDEAL Marriage Proposal

Focus on the details
Tanvi and Danny met on New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago while she was traveling, and she extended her trip several extra days to invest time with Danny. Following a long-distance relationship between NEW YORK and Miami, Danny told Tanvi to meet up him at a hotel because his parents were arriving at town. But as she entered the suite, rather than seeing his family, she saw an classical guitar playing their song, You’re My Sunshine.” Danny had also prepared a runner inscribed with the phrase To an eternity of adventures together” resulting in a world map, an accumulation of vintage trunks, antique globes, and paper airplanes with memories of these travels written in calligraphy and vintage prints of these travel photos. Danny proposed and Tanvi said “Yes.”
At dinner their place settings had printed cards: Tanvi’s Future Groom” and Dan’s Future Bride.” At their suite by the end of the night, the area was covered with rose petals sufficient reason for your final surprise: an engraved compass and leather-bound journal that read: To an eternity of adventures together.”
How you take action: After you have the big picture of one’s proposal set up, then start to complete the blanks with details. Be it using photos of you two or incorporating moments from your own first date or first kiss, the facts are why is a generic proposal a wonderfully personalized proposal.
Think beyond your box

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