AdultFriendFinder Members Reveal WHAT GOES ON Before A Hookup

Ahhh, hookups. Two people who barely know each other, just getting together to have sex. For some, the hookup is a mythical beast that they may go their whole lives without getting a glimpse of; for others, it’s just a regular Friday night.
But wherever you fall between those two extremes, it’s fair to say that most of us wish we could have at least few more hookups than we actually have. Which is where the how” of hookups comes in.
If you somehow think arranging a casual encounter is simple, think again. But one way to improve your hookup chances is to be part of a community of likeminded people and learn from their experience.
That’s why we tapped the AdultFriendFinder community to answer a few of our most pressing hookup questions. In the event the name AdultFriendFinder isn’t ringing any bells for you personally, the website is easily the most used place on the net (along with a few of it’s sister sites like XMatch and FriendFinderX ) for folks seeking to arrange sexual encounters. Essentially, which makes their members hookup experts.
We surveyed 8,776 users on the website (men, women and trans people; hetero and homosexual couples, together with groups) from the united states, Canada, the united kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Germany to obtain insights into what it’s prefer to arrange a hookup – and just what goes down if they do.
And in the event you’re wondering, they are no Johnny-Come-Latelies to the favorite hookup site : just shy of three-quarters of these have been members for at the very least a year, while greater than a third had been on the website for over half of a decade.
How many hookups perhaps you have had since joining the website?
So over fifty percent of the responders say they’ve had between two and 24 hookups using AdultFriendFinder, and a little minority (about 5%) claiming a rocking 25-plus hookups. Still, about two in five respondents topped out at one hookup, so maybe it’s about more quality and less quantity.
But it may be explained by the point that AdultFriendFinder is a lot more than only a hookup site. It provides the curious user lots of features: personal blogs, the opportunity to livestream watching other users’ livestreams, and a bunch of resources and dating advice, including a sex academy (!). Yep, the site’s commitment to sex positivity goes way beyond internet dating to incorporate areas of social media. If you are curious, it is possible to read more concerning the site inside our AFF review
What’s the quickest you’ll sleep with someone you met on the website?
If you needed any more proof that folks on AdultFriendFinder are up for whatever, consider that nearly 60% of these would sleep with someone inside a few hours!
That said, lesbian and gay couples responded inside a day” up to they responded with out a few hours.” Even though women on AFF are clearly DTF, they remain probably the most cautious group, as their preferred response was inside a week,” while more than 60% of men said inside a few hours.
If you’re both just there for sex, does a typical meetup involve an actual date?
While most respondents seem insistent on a vintage date prior to the hookup, with 59% of respondents saying this will depend on the individual, and 17% choosing a categorical yes” regardless, fully 23% (nearly 25 %) of the AFF users surveyed will be ready to jump into bed with someone without so much as sharing a beer at a bar first. Frisky!
But you’re probably thinking about: What does a romantic date appear to be in those circumstances? Some tips about what we suggest when both parties are consenting to casual sex and you also don’t desire to send mixed signals.
5 Tips To Organize an effective Casual Sex Date On A Whim
1. Grooming, Hygiene And Preparation
If your partner will probably see you naked by the finish of the evening (or early each morning, based on how late your date goes), you should look at what your naked body will undoubtedly be like after the clothes come off. Perhaps you have groomed at all lately? Like, manscaping? Have a look at our guide to grooming for a romantic evening , if not. Not to mention, do not forget to cover your sex bases: you should fill up on condoms and lube , if you are running low.
2. Make Sure You’re ON A SINGLE Page
Expectations-wise, that is. For example, will there be a dinner? Drinks? Are they in for the girlfriend/boyfriend experience where there might be cuddling afterward, or will it be a purely carnal affair?
3. Be Respectful And Get To Know Them
If there’s a non-sexual portion of the evening, keep your hands to yourself, you shouldn’t be overtly suggestive and really partake in the conversation. No cell phones, of course – keep that in your pants, too. Be genuinely interested in the conversation, and handle the bill gracefully and you’ll be all set for the hookup to come.
4. Know what they like in the bedroom and get consent for what you have in mind before, during and after.
Discuss your fantasies and fetishes and make sure things are clear. Depending on where you meet, things are pretty clear but never ever assume. If you’re unclear, now would be a great time to read up on sexual consent
Have they expressed a fantasy or fetish they’re looking to get fulfilled? A common answer amongst AFF members is that they joined the site to find a sex partner and learn new things with someone who has the same interests. For example, 65% of the surveyed members own sex toys. Check out our sex toys for couples shopping guide and replenish your bedroom drawer.
5. Post-Date Behavior:

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