Acceptable Ex Interactions

Most relationships end with the feeling that you’d be better off never seeing the ex involved again. However, you can get those rare occasions when you don’t consider your ex partner as a selfish, black-hearted bitch and you also both take to to help keep in contact also. You may think that’s mature, but it will surely be regarded as “keeping a choice on the trunk burner” by your brand-new girlfriend Below are a few ideas to help you discern whether your present lady has been unreasonable herself or simply a female with some valid points.
Communication with the ex
It is the age of technology. No more etching messages into stone – we have texts and e-mail. This allows for perfectly impersonal contact with people you’re not going to see or talk to every day, i.e., your ex-girlfriend. Despite what your current girlfriend might say, emailing an ex once in a while is totally acceptable, as is the occasional chat on AIM. As far as subject matters go, brief chats about the current state of your lives and other trivial, current events-oriented matters are totally reasonable.
It’s safe to say that if you find yourself chatting your ex up for hours, multiple times a week, you’re heading straight into the danger zone. Furthermore, if the discussions start to veer off into advice/criticisms about your current relationship, danger WiIl Robinson! Get your emotional counseling from Dr. Phil, not your ex. We hope it goes without saying that reminiscing about that special night the two of you shared in the hot tub in Cabo is off-limits too. Keep it G-rated, guys.
Run-ins with the ex
There’s rarely a more awkward moment you will experience than the unexpected run-in with your ex – while you’re with your new girlfriend. Yes, it’s kind of enjoyable when the two lovely ladies you’ve bedded size each other up like contestants on American Gladiator, but you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. A brief conversation is safe ground – but make a point to introduce your girlfriend to your ex at the start. Try not to call her your “new” girlfriend – just plain old girlfriend will do. Better still, just introduce her by name and let your ex do the math herself. All the ladies involved are fully aware of their place in the relationship time line of your life.
Greeting with a hug and kiss is not an acceptable ex interaction. We recognize that some girls are into that, but avoid being the main one to initiate it. If your ex partner does, opt for it but keep it formal. Most crucial – do not let inside jokes and references your present girlfriend won’t understand weasel their way into this convo. Let’s keep the playing ground however everyone can play.

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