A Global Daters 10 Essential Travel Accessories

Many lifestyle entrepreneurs will be able to work irrespective of where they live, so in the current day and age, increasingly more men who live this type of lifestyle have grown to be global daters. The other day, I interviewed Xavier M, a worldwide dater from Australia. He’s got kindly shared his top 10 travel accessories around.
#1. Fragrance: Chanel Platinum Egoiste Eau De Toilette Spray
Chanel has some very nice scents, including fragrance for men. Xavier says Chanel Platinum Egoiste Eau De Toilette Spray is his favorite (and his ladies’ favorite too) because it is a fresh, aromatic and distinctly modern scent for an extrovert. Xavier is obviously an extrovert who isn’t afraid of earning himself known.
This exotic wood scent is the best cologne ever,” says Xavier, Don’t underestimate the energy of scent. Because women’s sexuality is contextual , what they smell can change them on aswell. Sometimes I spray a few of this perfume on the pillow in her bed, and she’d always think about me when I’m away.”
#2. Condoms
Predicated on my experience, I wouldn’t buy condoms in Asia,” says Xavier, No offence, but condoms in Asia are too small for me personally. THEREFORE I always bring my very own condoms from Australia. But easily happen to be America or Europe, I can buy condoms in local shops because the size is right for me.”
I’m not saying Asian men’s performance in bed is worse,” says Xavier, I know many Asian men can do it better, as evidenced by their population. What I mean is I don’t want to take a risk by using condoms that don’t suit me. As a global dater, safety is my No. 1 priority.”
#3. Books
Reading is an important part in Xavier’s life, so he always keeps some books in his luggage. Xavier values knowledge – he is a lifelong learner.
Now I’m reading Ryan Holiday’s Ego is the Enemy. I think every man should read this book,” says Xavier, other books that I would recommend are Robert Greene’s books like the 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction and Mastery – these books are the reason why I’m good at so many things, including career and seduction. Robert Greene is the world’s No. 1 realist, and that means you must be very down-to-earth while reading his books. Be honest with yourself first.”
#4. Journal
Xavier is a very productive man and his secret of tremendous productivity is to live a well-organized life. He says the reason why successful men can do so many things in a short period of time is because they are so well-organized.
Each year I buy a new journal and I use it every single day throughout the year,” says Xavier, My journal is a combination of a to-do list and my thoughts. Sometimes I do a brain dump – I write down everything that’s on my mind, and then I decide which one can bring the most result to me if it’s done. So I do that thing first.”
Xavier also believes that writing things down can lower his stress level because things that he worries about are not in his head anymore – they are written down in his journal. He does this before he would go to bed at night, therefore the quality of his sleep is great. He says having enough sleep is how he keeps his physical body so young and energetic.
Many entrepreneurs have the ability to work irrespective of where they live, so increasingly more men who live this type of lifestyle have grown to be global daters.
#5. A wallet which has at the very least two compartments
Xavier’s wallet is relatively big since it has four compartments inside it. He says a wallet which has at the very least two compartments is crucial for a worldwide dater because you must make sure you have different currencies in your wallet constantly.
I usually have both Australian dollars and US dollars in my own wallet whenever I visit the USA,” says Xavier, One-dollar notes have become useful in america because I have to give ideas to waiters, waitresses, and so forth.”
By the way, you will be glad to know that folks don’t give tips in Australia because Australians are well-paid (even those that work in restaurants and hotels are well-paid, because the minimum wage in Australia may be the highest on earth).
#6. Rolling luggage
Xavier is really a minimalist who prefers travelling light, so he only has one small carry-on rolling luggage. It’s amazing to see he doesn’t need way too many things while travelling the planet.
In the event that you own a cow, the cow also owns you,” says Xavier, I just don’t have plenty of stuff. Whenever I buy something, I usually ask myself Do I want it or Do I’d like it? If I require it, I could buy it. But easily want to buy, I don’t buy it. That is why I have zero trash in the home.”
#7. Smart phone
Xavier doesn’t have even an iPhone. He’s got an Android phone (Huawei). He says he doesn’t care. Provided that the telephone is working, it’s fine. Honestly, his Android phone looks quite chic.
#8. Laptop
Because Xavier works on his laptop, this item is vital to him.
I take advantage of Apple because its screen is best for my eyes. Other laptops cannot contend with Apple in this regard,” says Xavier.
#9. Massage oil
Whenever I’m with a girl, I often give her a massage first. My favorite massage oil is lavender essential oil because it’s so relaxing. In fact, women can only have orgasms when they are totally relaxed. If a woman’s brain or body is nervous, she can’t have an orgasm,” says Xavier, Sometimes women give me a massage as well, and I savor every moment of it.”
#10. Noise-cancelling headphones
Xavier uses noise-cancelling headphones whenever he is working in a coffee shop. He believes these headphones can help him to focus on his work on his laptop.

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