A Financial Dom And Her Boyfriend

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Everyone wants money, yet discussing it within the parameters of a relationship could be intimidating. When handled incorrectly, finances can crumble an enchanting partnership – however when done in tandem, the proper money conversations can go quite a distance. That looks different for differing people, though. Welcome to Money Talks, AskMen’s new series on the partnership between our money and our relationships. Let’s discuss cents, baby.
You may have heard about Daddy Doms who log off on paying for their girlfriend’s every need. Other men get off on giving women money – as a submissive, not dominant, and to a woman they may never meet in person. Tatiana makes an extra $35,000 a year from such pay pigs” through her work as a financial dominatrix
Financial domination is allowing a woman you do not know enter your life and enter your bank account, and enter your wallet, and doing whatever the fck she wants to it. And making you watch,” Tatiana says.
Tatiana has a boyfriend named Ted, who is man enough to support her work. After all, that’s more money for them to use to go out and celebrate when Tatiana returns home from her day job in media, which she travels for.
Both Tatiana and Ted, now in their early 30s, were previously married. Now, Ted has the confident and independent woman of his dreams, and Tatiana found a person who loves her for exactly who she is. We asked the pair how Ted feels about Tatiana’s pay pigs, what exactly is a pay pig, and how distance makes the heart grow stronger.
AskMen: Tatiana, how did you get into financial domination?
Tatiana: I’ve been doing this for a little bit over a year. I started out like every other millennial who wanted to Instagram her fitness journey. I started taking photos of myself and putting them online. I wanted to know if there was a way I could monetize it. So I started a few different Instagrams that are financial-domination related; they shut down after a certain size, unfortunately. But I have other ways of getting in contact with people I work with. Social media has been a big part of it and using hashtags. I came across #paypigs. I thought to myself, There’s no way this can be the real thing.” But I tried it, and started getting private messages from guys asking if they could pay tribute. And that was an eye-opener that people were willing to send me money essentially for no effort. It got attention. Other than social media, there’s a lot of great online resources, like What’s Your Price
Do you engage directly with your clients, or is it mostly online?
Tatiana: I don’t really talk to guys very often on the phone. I’ll do some phone stuff through Google Voice. But overall I like to keep my anonymity. Sometimes I’ll pose topless because I do get those men who are like, I don’t know how I feel about just sending you money,” but they’re down with sending me $400 or $500 for a fully nude photo. Frankly, you could go on Tinder and do that, so I’m fine with it. This is a different level. I’m providing a luxury service. I do not get why they’d pay that much for a nude, but I’m not likely to look something special horse in the mouth.
How did you two meet? What did you prefer about one another?
Ted: We met on Tinder , actually. I recall being hopeful that she’d swipe back. Whenever we finished up messaging I remembered being very excited because she was one of many girls that I was very thinking about. I was thinking about her a lot more than just physically, there appeared like there was too much to her. She’s proficient in items that she likes. It isn’t to impress anybody; it isn’t for those who but her.
And Ted is supportive of the financial domination work?
Tatiana: He doesn’t mind. He gets just a little weird when I really do phone stuff or Snapchat videos, but he’s more worried for my safety. It is a relationship where I’m with somebody who likes me for me personally. I finally feel just like I’m in a relationship I deserve. Ted: I’ve never really had an issue with it because I’m not insecure. I don’t possess fears that she is going to run off with these guys. Even if they don’t really realize it, it is rather at arm’s lengths.
What do financial subs desire to pay for?
Tatiana: Vacations. I visited Hawaii for my friend’s birthday and something of my guys covered pretty much everything. I have a wish list. Obviously, I prefer getting money as opposed to another set of shoes. The majority of the money comes through on Venmo and PayPal. They love buying lingerie, which is on my Amazon wishlist. My favorite lingerie is anything Agent Provocateur in black. Everything black.
How would you two celebrate special occasions?
Ted: We haven’t celebrated any anniversaries, and that was an agreement on both our parts. We were both married for multiple years, so we’re not going to celebrate dating anniversaries Her media job leads her to travel for long stretches of time, so just seeing her when she comes home is a celebration. We’ll usually do dinner somewhere low key on those nights she returns. Distance has romance to it; each and every time you meet back up, it’s special.
When the two of you go out to dinner, how would you split up the cost?
Ted: Usually it is whoever comes up with the idea. If I say, Let’s go here,” then I’ll pay for it.
How much do you spend on the next per month?
Tatiana: $1,600
Ted: I live about one hour away in a far more rural area, so about $700 per month.
Tatiana: My car repayment is $230 per month and unfortunately I had driving under the influence about three years back, so my insurance can be $230 per month. So a complete of $460 per month.
Ted: None for me personally.
Tatiana: Haha, I don’t spend excess amount by myself clothes. That’s what my subs are for.
Ted: I don’t spend any significant amount on clothing.
Tatiana: Now that is where my money goes. About $150 weekly, so $600 per month.
Ted: We venture out to dinner a lot.

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