5 Things Women Want DURING INTERCOURSE (0002da9)

And lots of it. It’s a fact that women take longer to reach orgasm than men do. A healthy level of foreplay is what’s going to help level that time difference. Not to mention, sex is just better overall when she’s wet and aroused. Sex expert Tristan Weedmark says that foreplay tops the list of what all women want in bed. “Before jumping into the main attraction, take the time to make sure she’s fully aroused,” she says. “Pay attention to her whole vulva (including the labia) and you’ll be maximizing her pleasure potential.” To take your foreplay up a notch, Weedmark recommends adding in a toy for extra stimulation. “A product like the new Wish by We-Vibe is great for overall stimulation,” she says. “The rumbling vibrations combined with the soft, pillowy exterior stimulate deep nerves.”

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