5 Things To Know About Interracial Dating

It’s 2015 and interracial dating is becoming more accepted and it’s really an extremely beautiful thing. The opportunity to bring two cultures together and really develop a new one is a superb opportunity. I’m Hispanic/Latino and I married a lovely blonde from Idaho. While our backgrounds, the ways we were raised, and even our religion were different, we have found ways to come together and create our very own culture.
When you date outside of your own race or culture you’re going to see different things and you’ll also have an opportunity to show off your culture as well, both the good and the bad. So what are the most important things to know while dating someone who isn’t a Latina?
Here are five things you should know.
Drop The Macho Act
A relationship is a partnership that should be 50/50. As Latinos, many of us grew up in a culture where the male dominates the relationship, the decisions and everything in between. That not only doesn’t work with women that are not Latina, but Latina women are much different today than their mothers and grandmothers. It’s time to throw the machoism out the window.
It doesn’t matter what your father, uncle, grandpa or friend did or does. That shouldn’t dictate how you treat your girl and it doesn’t make it right. The reality is it’s not just a Latino thing; all men need to accept that being dominant” in your relationship is not what makes things work. Also, you don’t have to impress or show your friends that you’re the man” in the relationship.
I sometimes get teased a whole lot, in good fun, by the older generation of Mexicans as the diaper is carried by me bag, I change diapers, I cook and because I leave parties when my children is ready to go. That’s not something they’re used to seeing because that wasn’t done much back in the day.
Remember, the girl you’re dating is coming from a completely different background and because you saw certain things done a proven way doesn’t mean it will do the job. Some guys date non-Latinas and expect what to be the same manner as it was because of their dad or uncles plus they quickly find out it doesn’t fly in 2015.
Slow The Drinking Down
Growing up, there is nothing much better than being around my father, uncles and cousins late during the night. There have been never women there and individuals were drinking and hearing the best music. They might be playing poker until 3 every day and it was on the list of finest times of my life. During the past I didn’t consider where their women or their kids were, or how they were getting home. It turned out fun to be there and be section of it just. The more you drank and the more ridiculous you have, the cooler you’re.
Latinos love their alcohol, nevertheless the reality is it is not only harmful to one’s body but it’s not perfect for your relationship. The funny thing is that folks know this, but because that’s what we saw growing up or what we see at the moment, we think that’s what we should do. We still have friends or family who want to live like it may be the 1990’s and there’s probably a fantastic chance they are not dating anyone. That isn’t a coincidence.
We reach drinking and well known Vicente Fernandez songs seriously and we’re invincible. However, it’s no coincidence that Hispanic males are among the most at risk for alcohol abuse and liver cirrhosis. Domestic violence is also a major concern, along with DUIs. If you’re Latino, odds are we can name a couple other Latinos who have been arrested for DUIs. It’s normal in our culture and that needs to change.
Non-Latinas Love Mexican Food and may Cook It
My mom’s food is legendary around these parts and Mexican food is the best food on the planet. From the rice, beans and carne asada to homemade tortillas, non-Latina women love the food our moms are cooking. In fact, if I ever talk to girls that I dated back in the day, it’s usually because they want my mom’s recipes. Dating outside of your race doesn’t mean your Mexican food days are limited to restaurants only, however.
My wife and my mom have become really close and my wife loved learning how my mom cooked her food. Mexican women do not really use recipes, so when my partner tried recording recipes it was a whole lot harder than she expected. There have been no measuring cups, teaspoons or tablespoons being measured. It had been all measured yourself and knowing how to proceed just. Over time, my partner now cooks food that tastes the same as my mom’s.
Forget the proven fact that they can’t talk with one another. Our moms desire to make certain we’re well fed plus they love teaching what they cook. Because you’re dating a non-Latina doesn’t mean that your days of enjoying Mexican food are over. You are not sentenced to a life of sandwiches and potato salad. In the event that you bring the two most significant women in your daily life together, your stomach will forever be thankful.
Just remember that whenever some beautiful girl asks you for the mom’s tortilla recipe, it’s probably best you bring her home and let mom do the teaching.
Embrace The Non-Latina’s Culture
I remember the 1st time I was invited to a family group reunion. Latinos, at the very least in my own family, don’t genuinely have family reunions. We reunite nearly every weekend and that’s whenever we gather. However, this reunion was another thing. There have been schedules, activities, food assignments no drinking. Not was that one more enjoyable than I expected merely, it was completely different than what I was used to nonetheless.
Just like you desire to share our beautiful culture with the ladies we date, it’s just as fun to observe how a great many other cultures are about. Be it the original date or the dating gets pretty serious, you need to embrace your girl’s culture. It should be a considering that if you are dating someone away from race and culture you’re about to embark on a different journey and learn plenty of things you are not normally used to. Additionally it is a good possibility to show you’re with the capacity of fitting in. Because you’re different doesn’t mean you can not be an integral part of the fun or try new things. I’ve family which has married and dated a variety of races and it’s been great watching them experience things that they wouldn’t otherwise.
Despite your background and your girl’s background, the reality is you should embrace both cultures along with create your own. Just like any other relationship you should give and take for both of you to truly be happy. You can’t expect your girl to do everything you want to do and just completely shut down what she grew up doing.
Create Your Own Culture
Dating someone that’s not Latina doesn’t mean you completely leave your Latino roots behind. Those are what made you who you are and you will always have those with you, however the same goes for your girl. It’s exhausting to try and incorporate everything single thing from both cultures and to try and keep up with everything going on, especially as the holidays come around. As you start dating more and getting more serious, it is critical to create your own culture.
Decide what and how you’re going to do things and be open to giving some things up. If this is going to work, it is advisable to recognize that you’re combining two very different ways of living and you also need to create a proven way. The more proactive you’re and available to trying everything they do, the much more likely you’re to back discover the same effort. Bear in mind this is not likely to be easy, as you should have both sides of the household skeptical about you two because that is various things than they’re used to.
It’s likely that, until they understand you, the individual, they will have stereotypes and stories to create off around you merely. Remember, you’re an individual plus your Latino background doesn’t define you nor in case you hide from it.
What are some of your selected stories about dating a non-Latina?
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