4 Lies Men Tell ON THE Online Profiles (3328d36)

3. Telling her what she really wants to hear really
It will help in the event that you write down what you need really. A lot of people who misrepresent themselves on the online profiles aren’t really clear in what they want, or they’re chasing an illusion or perhaps a fantasy. Get clear and also have an enormous” mind-set, and you may longer wish to misrepresent anything about yourself no.
Rather than telling women everything you think they want to hear, it is always better to connect with people by being honest, and telling them where you are at this point in your life. Most women have been lied to so many times that your truthfulness will be refreshing (even if you are on different romantic paths).
4. Mirroring her
This is not about making a judgment about what you do or don’t want. It is just very important to be honest about whatever it is that you do want. You have to avoid taking a woman on an emotional journey on which you are not prepared to accompany her.
Also, be up-front about your real interests. Do you really want to spend your days pretending you like art museums, when they bore you out of your mind – just so you can get certain women online to like you? Here is a better alternative: negotiate.
Tell a woman that one weekend will be all about going to museums, so she can show you her passion, but the next weekend you two will hit the beach and play Frisbee so you can show her your passion. This is a great way to bond with the girl you truly like, without ever needing to pretend you prefer something you do not. Plus, if you result in a relationship together, you will see of days once you will each do your individual thing plenty.

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