10 Steps To Ending A Toxic Relationship (773313a)

Transformation Coach Chris Lee knows an ordinary thing or two about relationships.
He’s got been a guest on the institution of Greatness 5 times now because what he brings to the table is indeed incredibly useful and could be life changing. Our latest conversation was about toxic relationships and just why you need to get rid of them. Toxic folks are like vampires. They drain your energy and joy. When you’re with them you feel stressed and when you leave them you’re exhausted.
We fall into habits in our relationships just as we fall into habits in our daily lives. People become part of our comfort zone. They become part of our daily reality and routine. It might be hard to recognize that we are in a toxic relationship at all and also harder to state goodbye. We must learn to recognize whenever we are residing in a relationship out of fear. We tell ourselves stories: Without them I’m going to be miserable, not everyone’s perfect, it isn’t that bad, I’ve known them too much time, I be determined by them financially.” These are tough situations.
But ultimately, we must decide. Do we desire to be more focused on our safe place? Or do we desire to be more focused on our joy, happiness, and freedom?
We have a selection to make. It isn’t a straightforward one, but it is a necessary one.
Go on it from me: toxic relationships aren’t worth it, if they are romantic, professional, family, friends, whatever. It could be really really hard to get rid of them unless you know how.
Also it doesn’t always imply that we must eliminate someone from our life. Whether it’s your mother or brother, you need to learn how to manage it and change it out if possible.
This system is powerful and can free you from relationships in your own life that want to shift or disappear completely. Listed here are the 10 steps:
The first step 1: Identify should you be in a toxic relationship.
You feel less than yourself with them Maybe, like you’re being inauthentic. You feel exhausted or drained when using them or once you’ve seen them. You realize if someone is adding or subtracting from you energetically.
Second step 2: Keep an archive.
Make note of the true ways they have allow you to down or pulled you from your own vision; of all times that you’ve felt significantly less than joyful because of this person significantly. This will increase your awareness of just how much someone is taking from you.
Step three 3: Identify the rewards to be in a toxic relationship.
There are payoffs to be in a toxic relationship. If there wasn’t an incentive, we wouldn’t take action. Do they make you feel powerful, or important? Are they supporting you financially? Is it about not being alone?
Step 4 4 4: Give up the excuses.
Recognize that you’re in a tale that you’re creating and you reach change the ending. It is possible to stop justifying their behavior.
Step 5: Get clear on your own vision for the relationship.
Try finishing these sentences to define the thing you need:
My vision for my relationship with _____ is…
How I wish to feel when I’m with _____ is…
What _____ increases my life is…
What I increase _____’s life is…

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